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Roche is taking a dynamic approach to research by exploring how to modulate the antitumour immune response. Find out more about the principles of cancer immunotherapy and why bladder cancer is a focus of exploration in this context.

Bladder Cancer

Immunotherapy in bladder cancer

Learn more about current treatment guidelines and which future role cancer immunotherapy might play in the management of this disease. Here

Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunotherapy Principles

Find out how the immune system fights cancer and how the tumour tries to evade this. Here

The PD-L1 pathway

The PD-L1 pathway

Learn more about the PD-L1 pathway and what makes it an interesting medical target. Here

Clinical studies

Clinical Studies with atezolizumab in Switzerland

This content is intended for Swiss health care professionals who participate with their institution in clinical studies of Roche in bladder cancer, who wish to participate in future studies or who wish to assign a patient to an ongoing study. Learn more Here


testing in bladder cancer

Learn more about PD-L1 as a potential biomarker


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